The LaKelle Vision

Is to become a leading ready to wear conscious fashion brand in Africa. 

The LaKelle Mission

Is to manufacture quality international standard apparel and accessories in Cameroon leveraging our diversity and ingenuity as “Africa in Miniature”. We aim to showcase our creativity, abilities, talents and capabilities and change the narrative of what it means to be Made in Cameroon.. 

Who is LaKelle

LaKelle is...Simple, Chic, Affordable and Size Inclusive. Each LaKelle piece is designed to capture the different personalities of our customers in the most simple yet sophisticated manner.

The soul of LaKelle is centered around prioritizing the African consumer by not only creating pieces that are made for their physique but making them available at an affordable price. At the center of this is dignity. Dignity not only for the professionals behind the machines but for the African consumer who mostly depends on second hand imported goods when looking for “affordable quality apparel”.

Lakelle is writing a different story, putting at the center of  operations our employees by valuing their contribution and creating an environment of worth, self-esteem and self-respect in a country where blue collar workers are often minimized.

We are also creating alternatives to second hand  imported goods, affordable low quality products and most importantly leading international Fast fashion brands. 

Why LaKelle

Each LaKelle piece is made with the “African physique” in mind to flatter all body types boosting self-confidence. We are usually not represented on the international fashion scene and LaKelle strives to include our “imperfections” in each design by creating something beautiful breaking down the stereotypes of body types and fashion. We strongly believe that part of Africa moving forward is having enough confident individuals who believe in their capabilities enough to push ahead and in manufacturing clothes that helps in boost self-confidence, we are playing a very small role in moving our continent forward..

About the founders

LaKelle was founded in 2017 by sisters, Sharon and Viola, who were born and raised in Buea, Cameroon.

While growing up, we were blessed with a front seat view of harding working parents who literally came from a small village in the North West Region of Cameroon called Babanki Tungo with nothing and became noble figures in their community while maintaining  jobs and capitalizing on several business opportunities. They provided employment (still do….) to alot of Cameroonians building a strong sense of worth.

In our world, everything was possible, and we have held on to this philosophy since then. We moved to the United States after high school to further our education, where we both ironically graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and an MBA.

We always wanted to move back to Cameroon and be a part of the solution to Africa’s development. In 2017 we decided to set off on this journey of providing simple, chic affordable and size inclusive fashion to the African consumer.

Besides being fashion enthusiasts, we had no prior industry experience, but we rolled up our sleeves and worked. There has been a lot of learning and growing (still learning and growing…) and we are humbled and grateful to see the LaKelle impact.

We are both wives and mothers and love sports (Go ManU), good food and a good vacation.