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The LaKelle Studio is a creative and authentic expression of fashion which is anchored in African heritage and culture. We are telling unique African stories, as we explore the traditions of our ancestors and morph them into signature designs in collaboration with our local artisans.

The N’Zeteh Collection

The N’Zeteh “Origins” collection is an ode to the vibrant ceremonial celebrations of Babanki Tungo, which are often decorated with the buzzing sounds of beating drums, the beautiful xylophone symphonies, the dancing masquerades (Juju) and a field of people donned in lively Toghu regalia.
This collection explores hand knitting embellishments which is a signature of the Toghu traditional attires from the North West region of Cameroon; uniquely curated on a canvas of rich velvet accents, natural linen and cotton fibers and silky polyesters. The N’Zeteh collection is a celebration of culture and heritage, and offers  a contemporary outlook on our age long Toghu patterns.